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A convoluted war story; an average shooter

Mortyr reminded me of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and for a while I was under the impression that it was trying to copy that recipe. Then I realized the developers would have had to warp into the future to play it, so, well, I guess my free association was not grounds enough to think that the idea behind it was stolen! It couldn't have been! At any rate, Mortyr is a shooter game, a convoluted one in terms of story and a pretty bad one in terms of graphics and mechanics. I'm pretty sure the game was rushed, skipped some of the testing, or, well, the developers were under financial pressures to get the game out. Whatever it was, Mortyr sure is a disappointment, and an involuntarily funny game, due to al the bugs that plague it. So, play it, but make sure you know what to expect. It's not a streamlined experience, quite on the contrary it's a pretty bad experience throughout. I had the privilege (!) of playing some other messed up shooters before, (I'm thinking of You are Empty) but at least some of these had some personality to dress all the mechanical quirks. But nope, Mortyr is a pretty forgettable game when it's not aggravating or downright broken.

Great concept, bad execution

Mortyr 2093-1944 is a first person shooter brought to us by Interplay, who also developed Descent 3. Mortyr is practically a game that took a great concept, but didn't execute too well. It's one those games that has a what-if kind of story, that could have been awesome, but the other aspects that ruin the game, that you no longer care about the awesome story. It is mostly about Germany winning the second world war and in the near future taking full control of Earth. A planet dominated by nazis? What other game has this kind of story? Well there's one that has a similar one, but that one was disappointing as well. One thing I didn't like about the game is the actual gameplay. It feels like a joke. The character doesn't control all that well, sometimes breaking objects takes longer than necessary and pretty much everything is forgetable. The graphics don't do much justice, everything is ugly and unappealing. Overall, you'd better stay away from this game, even if it has an interesting plot.

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