Duke: Nuclear Winter

Action 1997 Dos WizardWorks Shooter Aliens invasion

The worst add-on for Duke

Duke: Nuclear Winter is a add-on for Duke Nukem 3D made by a third party company known as Simply Silly Software. Intended to be a Christmas-themed add-on, Nuclear Winter was just a rather disappointment. The game controls and feels like the original game and only minor changes have been made. The only major change is that everything in the game is Christmas related. The first few levels of the game are just rehashed levels from the original game. The same thing happened to the enemies, however these were redesigned in such a pathetic way that it must mentioned. Some of the enemies wear Santa Claus like hats while others wear deer horns. There are two new types of enemies, like the evil snowmen and evil machinegun wielding elves, but these didn't impress. The guns, items and gameplay are unaltered and to add insult to injury, the Duke's one-liners in this game are terrible and are simply lame puns about either winter, snow or Christmas. The graphics are a bit worse than in the original, but the sounds are still the great one we all know and love. Overall, Duke: Nuclear Winter is not a recommended add-on to the game and is probably worst one ever made.

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