Damage Incorporated

Action 1997 Windows WizardWorks Shooter Military FPS

Bland and unexciting FPS

A rather ordinary FPS, Damage Incorporated doesn't do anything particularly wrong with the genre, but unfortunately doesn't do anything new or imaginative either, making it little more than an average time-waster at best. The game is very similar in both gameplay terms and graphics to Doom or Castle Wolfenstein and simply requires players to run around with an arsenal of big guns, blowing the living daylights out of some renegade militia. Perhaps Damage Inc.'s one concession to originality is its inclusion of squad-based elements, similar to Rainbow Six, and the array of characters on display here adds a bit of much-needed interest. Furthermore, the environments to be explored are quite large and feel expansive and open, while the sound is actually quite impressive, with effects and dialogue that help to immerse players in the game and create a strong atmosphere. Unfortunately however, things are let down rather by the visuals and gameplay, with the former being quite simple and lacking in detail, while the latter is simply not that exciting. Level design and enemies are bland and repetitive and for most players boredom will set in pretty quickly.

Okay, but not great

This is a deadly and very violent military based first person shooter game that remind me a bit of Wolfenstein in the terms of quality of graphics and sound, meaning they're not much. You get around the camp and shoot all kinds of bad guys in all the worst ways imaginable, using a great variety of weapons, which you get over time. I wouldn't say the game is very dynamic, since the main character moves a bit too slow in my opinion. The good sides of the game is the high personalisation of the game's characters and the cool and deadly atmosphere the game provides. The audio is quite detailed and pretty authentic, while the graphics leave a bit to be desired in terms of quality and speed of animation. Still, the game is pretty fun to play for a while. After a bit, it may get a bit repetitive, so it doesn't have a high replay value. What's done is done. Cool to play for a few hours, but nothing more than that. Pretty average.

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