Casino Inc

Simulation 2002 Windows Konami Cards Casino Strategy

Attractive and the best simulation game, in my opinion

Dear gambling maniacs, I present to you Casino Inc, which is my favorite simulation game, and I am sure it will shortly become yours as well. You play as a casino manager, and the best part of this game is the possibility to be as dishonest and bad as you want to! The gameplay involves assassinations, hookers, cheats, criminals, and powerful guns! You can play inside your casino, and also outside of it, in a large and attractive city, where you can expand your actions and take a wider look on what's happening. The competition is hard, and in order to sabotage your rivals, you can hire troublemakers to ruin their image, place advertising throughout the city and as you earn popularity and money, you can modernize your services towards your customers (set up transport routes or limo services to drive them back and forth the casino). Before starting and during the game, learn important hints from the in-depth tutorials! The gameplay is simple, addictive, and comes with various features and options to make a name of yourself, to increase your revenue, and to improve your business. Everything in Casino Inc is attractive! Engage in this extremely fun casino adventure, and see if you are blessed with good fortune!

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