Casino Craps

Simulation 1992 Dos Villa Crespo Software Casino

Well done `92 released Craps; no complaints!

Casino Craps is a well produced, well packaged, easy to play, 92 Craps simulation; you see the casino table over the top and you have a small menu which you interact with to set your wager and to get the craps rolling. It's fun to play, it's definitely very similar to Casino craps tables and it is just playable, with no apparent hurdles or any other types of issues. The game can be played against the house (AI) or you can also choose to play with friends, hot seat mode. Graphically, the game is very DOS like in style, almost like an application from the era; you get your lite blue background, the same color used extensively in Win 3.1 one applications, and then you get the green cloth table, over which the craps, the tiles and the other elements are red or black, well contrasting so you can see them without issues. You get a small sum of money at the beginning and you can save, begin anew or load a game. It's thus all you need from a game such as this one, and it works pretty well, and it gives you all the amenities you might need to keep having a jolly good time. Another alternative is Casino Inc. which includes craps along with a whole load of other casino games, all in a well produced, 3D graphical presentation.

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