Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Konami Platformer Arcade style

Just as ruthless as it was on the NES!

The DOS version of this game, a port of the game from its home, the Nintendo Entertainment System, is just the same, hard, but not impossible, (though frustrating more often than not!) sidescroller game, one type of game that is genuinely going to test your endurance and your patience. Graphically, if you've played an NES title before, you're going to feel just home here too! It's a modular game, with a good amount of tiles and, for the most part, you're going to get a good idea of where you can go and where you cannot. One problem that plagued the original version of the game, the stairs, which require a bit of fiddling to get around them or to escalate or dismount them, holds here too! Other than that, it's the same monsters with the same patters of movement, which means that your positioning in the level is crucial, and you still have and can make great use of it: your whip! Yep, it's going to be a hard game, but it is certainly worth it, if you love the hardcore games of yore, the kind that the Angry Video Game Nerd would certainly love to go nuts about! A good download alternative is Giana Sisters, for a series that took the ideas of Super Mario, endowed them with some measure of originality and creates a (less difficult) yet still fun game.

A classic arcade and platform game

This platform, side scrolling and arcade style game is still a famous one for users of Nintendo 64. The target is to eliminate Dracula fare and the game play comprises of some really well designed graphics, spades with sheer playability and a great overall gaming atmosphere. The levels have been designed tremendously well to make this game really addictive and uniform in terms of excitement. Well it's a not a simple monster killing game with the conventional firing style as it gives you the Indiana jones version of whipping and killing. What I liked most is the navigation features of this game where you are going up moving left than going down and moving up while swinging from one ceiling to the other. The door to each level is present in the previous level which you will reach thorough the vast navigation directions and this makes the game quite realistic and interesting. The hallmark in this game is that the level designs are not repeated at any level and you will find unique designs and features. So I would definitely recommend it to all.

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