Saboteur 2

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Durell Software Platformer Arcade style

You can't see him but he can see you

Saboteur 2 is a decent beat 'em up arcade style game and is the sequel to the game with the same name. It features a "Saboteur Ninja", a highly skilled man set on a variety of mission which include assassination, item retrieval or simple recon missions. He can jump, kick, throw shurikens, use katanas, and does everything a ninja does. The most important thing in this game is stealth, so it is of utmost importance not to be seen, and if you are, you must vanquish your enemy swiftly and precisely. He is clad in black and blends with the night, and his skills are deadly, like a true ninja is. The game's graphics are pretty simple and crude, but that is to be expected for a 1987 game. The animation is smooth and pretty fast and the level design is pretty good and original. The controls are a bit fuzzy and not intuitive, so it will take some getting used to. But if you are an old school game lover and like action and adventure, it would be good to check the game out. For other cool old school games, try Donkey Kong, a very cool platformer.

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