Championship Lode Runner

Action 1984 Dos Broderbund Platformer Arcade style

An entertaining and great classic game to kill your time with

Championship Lode Runner follows the original Lode Runner, being very similar to it. The 50 levels are specially designed and destined for the experts, because they come with some of the toughest challenges. You can use various strategies or tactics, and while surviving the maze, you can plan them while the game is paused. I found myself performing a particular move, to find out it was impossible to finish without starting over. The levels are larger than the first game, with more variety when it comes to ladders, climbing poles, and other such background aspects.You don't have to bother about your progress and high efforts you put there, because you are allowed to save the game during the challenging levels. But one thing I have to add: a game once restored won't penalize you, but everytime you restore the same game after that one chance, you will lose one life. The main goal is to get back to the top, the maze prepares you treasures to collect, and dangers like the guards (which are pre-Bomberman robots) you have to pass by without being attacked. You can't perform attacks, you have to just stumble the guards in a certain way. Play this entertaining and great classic game to kill your time with!

Little arcade classic

Here it is the champion's edition of Lode Runner and its sequel. It's basically the same Lode Runner game like on the NES, but a bit harder. The objective of the game is very simple: you start of in a maze, where you need to collect all the treasure, avoiding the guards who have a strange resemblance to Bomberman and get back to the top. There is no way to attack, other that using some sort of weapon to vaporize the ground in order to trap a guard there. Be careful, though because once the guard is killed, it will respawn immediately. There is no jumping in the game either, but it's not a problem. The graphics and sound are all the same in the NES version.

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