Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Data East Platformer Arcade style

Veteran gamers will love this one

It is a platform game that gets into action real quickly and plays on your mind instantly. This side scrolling game has a character named Karnov which you will play and your mission is set for the evil Dragon to recover the great Treasures of Babylon which have been captured. The best thing about the game is its diversity because all the 9 levels in the game have some very distinct features. The distinct features are in eh form of creative terrains, a variety of different monsters and a large collection of power ups and items that will help you in the game. Unlike other classic platform games, the game gives you some items which are not weapons but will be used to serve different purposes e.g. you can have a ladder that will help you reach the upper elevation or an alternative route for completing the level. The game is really tough because even the alternative route might have the same difficulty level as the one you left. The A1 in this game has been designed in such a manner that makes this games a must play for tough veteran gamers. The graphics are pretty average but they somehow manage the gameplay quite well. You will find that the game is as exciting as Bad Dudes or may find it even better.

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