Adventure 1996 Windows Mediagogo Horror Movie style Thriller

Mature adventure game

If you crave some mid 90s style babes, and don't mind a little weird story that binds them together, than Castlx can be the game for you. In it, you play as the proprietor of the Castle X, a sort of mansion that will be your place of naughtiness but also of trying to figure out some broken puzzles. Yes, the game tries to offer you weird things but to also engage you in other more subtle ways. However, the classic puzzles included in the game, with the exception of the find the difference breed are either coded erroneously or simply built to be frustrating. At any rate, Castlx feels like a graphically inferior Lula game on one hand because of the 2D slide graphics and on the other because of the broken puzzles. So, unless the not so sharp babes manage to hook you, this game won't have too much to offer to you. Quite on the contrary, it can be a bit too shortsighted and a bit too simple to have anything substantial to keep you hooked.

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