Bad Mojo

Adventure 1996 Windows Acclaim Horror Movie style

Original and ingenious

Bad Mojo is a game released in 1996 and published by Acclaim Entertainment. The strong relationship with another developer, Midway, resulted in the appearance of some popular games in that era: MK fighting game and Terminator 2. This game has an unusual story, due to the fact that Roger Samms (an entomologist) is turned into a cockroach, and this strange and interesting happening leads to an exploration that will definitely attract you. The cutscenes in the game will describe the drama and the sad past of the main character, and also the events that occur during gameplay. You are playing a cockroach that has to be careful and to avoid stuff that will kill you - poison, insects or rodents. The puzzles require intuition and a deep stimulation of the brain. In fact, the whole game is a puzzle. In order to go forward safely, the roach has to push and pull small objects. You will discover what it is like to be a small creature and a disgusting one (for many of you), and how it is to survive in a world where insects are innofensive. Maybe this game will help people get over their bug phobia, because of the pity you feel when you see how many obstacles an insect experiences; in fact, a life of a bug or insect mostly implies the fighting for survival. This game presents a sober and disgusting side of life, the life of a bug that has to find his way to a happy ending, an ending that saves Roger from the bad mojo. I admit some moments gave me the creeps, especially when I had to pass over spiders. Damn you arachnophobia! The main reason you should try this game is the original approach that makes you think beyond matters you wouldn't normally do. Congratulations to the ingenious producers!

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