Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Horror Multimedia novel Movie style Puzzle

From Darksheer type beginnings to a dark and original adventure!

Noctropolis is the kind of game that will truly amaze those that love darkly games, giving you the opportunity to visit an Arkham like city. The fact that it reminds of such a dark town, and, maybe of that Batman gothic metropolis is also not just incidental: the developer of the game was a huge fan of the knighted flying rat (!) and he chose to create something that built on top of that game's build. So, overall, Noctropolis is a beautiful, mightily fantastic game, produced to entice and to keep everyone satisfied and, most of all, is the kind of game that truly known how to approach you and give you a mesmerizing adventure. Your ultimate goal is to kill the Darksheer villain, but until you get to him, there will be loads of adventuring and loads of action to be had. Plus, puzzles, as this adventure game known how to wrap a lot of classic and novel concepts around, to create a beautiful and energizing game, more so than you'd think it had in him. Beneath a Steal Sky is similar in some ways, but surely doesn't produce as great results as this one.

A very dark and unsettling game

So, you like horror games? Well, just like Alone in the Dark and Shivers, this game will creep you out. In this game you play Peter Gray, who by accident entered the world of his favorite comic. Once there, he has to play the role of a dark superhero who fights all kind of horrendous creatures to save the day. What is special about this game is the interesting concept - a man from a normal everyday life enters a world where the imagination is real. The game is a lot about puzzles, which are pretty challenging. Investigating is also a big part of the game, too, since all bad things happen for a reason, and there is always someone behind it. The game is very dark, serious and very horrifying - the characters range from ugly to right out disgusting. The game is all about dark colors and music. The gameplay might be a bit old fashioned, since you can't move the character at your discretion, but give him commands on where to go and what to do. But, strangely, that doesn't make me like the game any bit less. Why? Because the game is so original and great and has that certain something that makes it extremely unique. I hope you will play it too and see for yourself how great this game really is.

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