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Frightening and memorable

Phantasmagoria is a horror point-and-click adventure game released in 1995 by Sierra On-Line, that became Sierra Entertainment, a respected company for its true graphical innovative projects. Its sequel is called Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh. The storyline presents Adrienne Delaney, a writer that moves with her photographer husband in a new house, where she experiences strange encounters. These events have influenced in a bad way the behaviour of her husband, and Adrienne must discover the secrets behind the creepy house and what happened in the past. This game is technically advanced due to its full motion video concept, in which real actors are acting, due to its realistic 3D graphics, accurate animations, wide and free perspective set by the camera angles, and so forth. Since it is a point-and-click game, the controls are simple, and your activity is based on exploration, with the aid of a cursor that looks like a cross. The interaction with other objects turns the cursor into a red symbol. I had to admit this. The first time I played this game was a long time ago, and it gave me chills especially when I played it during the night.The horrific sound effects and music, the producers attention to detail in every aspect, made me feel like I was in the main character's shoes. That is why I pronounce Phantasmagoria a memorable adventure game, that brings a frightening and beautiful flashback.

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