Spycraft: The Great Game

Adventure 1996 Windows Dosbox Activision Movie style Puzzle based Thriller Strategic scope Simulation Espionage

Slick and suspenseful spy thriller

Anyone who has played and enjoyed the likes of President is Missing should find Spycraft to be right up their alley as it offers an inventive mix of conspiracy-laden excitement and puzzle solving that combine to create a top-notch spy thriller. The game boasts the involvement of top-ranking members of the CIA and the KGB and so its twist-filled plot is filled with authentic details that really bring the world of espionage to life. After a presidential candidate is assassinated, players find themselves on the investigation and while to say too much of the ensuing plot would be to spoil a lot of the game's appeal, rest assured it has all the makings of a classic globe-trotting James Bond or Jason Bourne adventure. The game itself is a mixture of puzzle solving, information gathering and good old-fashioned investigation, with players following leads and questioning subjects as they try to piece together all the various parts of the mystery. Spycraft really is a great little game. It offers some nice variations on the typical adventure games, with a tightly written plot that keeps you guessing throughout its myriad twists, turns and double crosses, while the game's authentic feel really does pull you into the dark world of undercover spy work. While it's not all glamorous and exciting, the investigative aspects are well handled and compelling enough to keep you hooked for the game's duration, with puzzles that are inventive and challenging and plenty of detail for you to wade through. If you are the kind of gamer that values story over action, brains instead of brawn, then this makes for a highly enjoyable and suspenseful experience.

Challenging and great, indeed

Spycraft: The Great Game is a spy adventure game released in 1996 by Activision, a company with a high reputation due to its outstanding activity and its innovative vision. Your character works at CIA and has a mission concerning the assasination of the United States President during his speech. This game kept my interest alive, because of the authentic story, objectives and cinematics. You are not alone in your investigation, because your PDA gives you various hints about solving puzzles and what to do further. As the action unfolds, you will deal with new challenges in your espionage, and this is one of the aspects that made me play this game for hours without getting bored. The gameplay has a first-person perspective, in which you have to observe deeply, listen and think. The graphics are designed very well, the acting is nice and your various and advanced tools will make your investigation fun and easy. If you have a vocation for spying and analyzing, this game will please you entirely. The thrill to find clues is maintained by some tasks: you have to analyze pictures, tape recordings, and so forth. Your progress will be awarded with additional feedback, clue bonuses and interesting challenges. This game won't disappoint you, for sure.

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