Catacomb Armageddon

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Softdisk Publishing Shooter

Golden Box style RPG bonanza pack

This is one of the addon packs that was produced for Catacomb, a dungeon crawler that perfectly describes what Golden Box first person RPG gameplay was all about. Today, the best way to experience this game is to head to GOG (see link above!) and download the entire package, the original game plus the addons. You need no DosBox skills, as the game is already integrated within the magical thingy, and can go on and play. The 3D is pretty lavish for a game released in 91, I'd say maybe even a little more potent than some other games cut from the same visual cloth. There are lots of levels to sink into and the controls and the entire deal is well polished, so there won't be any gasping and cursing as a result of not knowing how to interact with it. If there's gonna be any cursing, it's gonna be due to your using the spell casting that your character will be using. Interested in oldschool stories? Don't worry, there will be a bit of that as well, but your focus will be on not getting lost and on using your weaponry the best you can! So, that's what Catacomb Armageddon is all about, a smart addon, worth fiddling with. Go on, have a look!

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