The Catacomb

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Softdisk Publishing Third Person Top down

Magical adventure of the classic times

This primitive looking game is what set the tone for the Catacomb 3D trilogy which made a big name in the world of action games. This game is though not up to the standards of its sequels but is still an enjoyable fantasy. You have to play as a mighty and famous wizard who has been assigned the mission to rescue Kierlon Palace from powers of evil and darkness. The graphics are not much up to the standards because the game date backs to the 1990's, but still the game play is smooth without any flaw. The game play involves striking the monsters and collecting the keys. The wizard has the power to throw magical missiles. There are well designed mazes where you to have to discover the hidden passages by searching out the walls and by using your magical missiles. Throughout the adventure you will counter around 30 mazes where you will also find monsters which you will tackle with your missiles and tactics. The whole adventure is enjoyable with easy game play options and swift controls. A graphically better version which is also successor to this game is the Catacomb II, but still this edition is also an enjoyable adventure.

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