Lethal Tender

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Pie in the Sky Software Shooter

Wolf 3D... in the great outdoors

Lethal Tender is a simple first person shooter, in the same vein as Wolf 3D but, instead of you shooting holed up in a never ending system of corridors, chasing for hidden doors and for dog food, in this one you play more of a Rambo styled army man, that goes about administering his brand of justice to everyone around. Lethal Tender is therefore a twist of the said recipe, a shooter game that knows how to present itself and knows how to offer you a lot of enjoyment. It is as minimalist as its predecessor, and, even if it is located outside, that doesn't make it much more sprawling, overnight. No, the game still remains pretty small scale, and pretty much a run around and about buildings, but with that said, it sure enough offers you the same vein of activities. That is, shoot, find ammo, find food and, if you can manage, find secrets. Well playable, though in a way kind of a hack job rather than a fresh, well polished game. But if you love traditional shooters in first person, in their firs age, this is a good example of that style also.

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