Action 1986 Dos Dosbox Wordworks Software Platformer Puzzle based

Very addictive is the word

It is an arcade style platform game which is not much diverse in terms of the variety in gameplay elements but has a very addictive gameplay. The plot here is a common one and is normally found in freeware games. The goal is that you will collect gold pots that have been dispersed at various levels and you will move from one level to another through the use of elevator. The gameplay is very interesting in the sense that you will need to be very careful with every step that you take and have to time it perfectly for moving upward to different ledges. A wrong step will cause you to fall down the shaft and you die. All the levels in the game have their distinct patterns and designs and will involve different movement dynamics which will keep you interested in the gameplay. The graphics in the game are simple but interesting and the backgrounds are pretty colorful. What I liked the most about this game is that you learn it easily but you cannot master it easily. The A1 in the game is also perfect and the controls are very responsive. The gameplay is like we have seen in games like Big Top but I still prefer this one.

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