Davids Kong

Arcade 1984 Dos David Platformer

A simple DOS remake of Kong

Davids Kong is a remake of Kong, the arcade classic where you used to guide Mario towards princess Peach, trying to avoid the barrels, and the other dangers, while escalating the scaffolding towards your goal. Well, this DOS creation follows the exact same recipe, and, overall, it does a good job if it. But you have to realize this is not a commercial release; it's a freeware title that was produced just so that the developer could see if he could recreate the classic. Thus, the graphics are less interesting than the ones of the original, the colors are rather poor also, with green for the scaffolds and with a shade of brown that is rather unimpressive, to say it as diplomatically as I can! But, the game works, and the hurdles you have to overcome are definitely well executed; thus the game is still time oriented , for the most part, and so, it creates a rather interesting experience, especially for those that love classic gaming, retro gaming, and are not too interested in the way the game looks like. So, if you'd like to see how hard it can be to create even the most seemingly simple arcade 2D title, take a look at this one! It's the perfect example!

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