Rad Warrior

Action 1986 Dos Palace Software Platformer Puzzle based

Sacred Armour of Antiriad is an okay platformer game

Imagine that He Man got taken from his fantasy land and transported into a less French, but more American steam punk, with influences of heavy metal spiked designed, and you'll pretty much know what this game, an action sidescroller, is all about! It's, in a way a combination of both French and American design philosophies, apparent most of the time in the details of the designs, but, no matter, in terms of actual enjoyment, and level of detail possible due to the limitation of the engine, I'd still maintain that this is a pretty playable, fun game. The CGA is not treated, fortunately, as a limitation that stifles your play, nope, you get, in fact, a very good dose of diversity, and also, the puzzles, environmental and mostly based on finding trinkets scattered around make the game more than just a fast left to right check. Even more, another element of novelty, there are some areas that you might not want to check out, areas that are irradiated. You can go there, for short periods of time, you know, as you could sink into lava in the Metroid games, but your time in that space is limited. So, even if released in 87, it still is a game that merits a visit.

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