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Multiplayer snake game, well executed

This 93 released snake like game tried a different thing with that old classic snake eating pellets; the game can only be played in multiplayer and it can sustain from 2 players to up to 6. For added mayhem, playing with six players at one time can really kick things up a notch, in terms of difficulty of the game. You basically want to get the biggest snake, without colliding with the walls, with the other snakes or with your own snake. Sure, you can toggle some of the collisions on and off, which can be quite a smart thing to do, especially if you're looking to play with a lot of players, otherwise the sessions will not last very long. At any rate, graphically the game looks a bit retro for 1993, and the bright colored snakes on the black screen look very lively. You might also want to download Snake Ultimate Version for a good, classical take on Snake, without the multiplayer though, as many others have done before. So, all in all, Cervii is a nice weird snake game, and if you can gather 5 other people to play this one against, you can be sure that you will have fun. With fewer players it's just not as fun!

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