Deluxe Trivial Pursuit

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Trivia questions and puzzles

Deluxe Trivial Pursuit is an update of the trivia and puzzle combo Deluxe Trivial, updated with more than 3000 new questions and also a slight graphical update/polishing. At any rate, Deluxe Trivial Pursuit will interest all those that love trivia games interspersed with more point and click based questions. It's definitely a great package of minigames, all of them pretty cool, and also, based around quiz questions that are all about everyday knowledge, easy to recollect pop culture and everyday items. The graphics could have been a little better looking, but even as they are, they still look pretty alright. So, give the game a try, it's got all the proper elements, and, furthermore, it's got the girth of the database; with the original questions and the new 3000 ones, you'll be playing this over and over again, and you won't have repeat questions very soon or very often. Else, try You Don't Know Jack, the expert condescending monster trivia game! It sure knows how to cheer you up, rile you against the AI or your friends and tech you things you'll never need from pop culture and so on.

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