Champ Invaders

Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox CHAMProgramming Space combat Single screen Aliens invasion

A couple more game modes for the original Invaders

This version of Invaders contains the original, unaltered classic, but along with it there are two other modes of play that are included. One is called Champ mode and the other is called Champ and the last one which is like the classic one, deluxe classic; there are however a few more additions to this last mode, that make the game much more interesting to consider, as there are so called intermissions, different kind of invader aliens and a few other surprising additional elements. So, all in all, if you want a feature full, more diverse Champ Invaders, trying this one will definitely work great, will create a very sweet and well rounded experience. So, no matter what you expect of it, Champ Invaders is a very well polished game, a very well rounded and well produced one. So give it a shot if you love Invaders but want a different twist on it, this one packs 3 great modes of play adding both variety and color. Other than that, well, this is a well produced game, like a revisit of the original with the intent to make it available on newever machines. So yeah, it's worth trying out.

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