Championship Manager: Season 03/04

Sport 2003 Windows Eidos Soccer Team management Business

Classic sports simulation

It a classic simulation involving soccer and you will obviously play as a manager who has a lot to do with a team. The plot here is that you will select a team and will make different decisions in this regard. You will analyze each player to evaluate where he stands and will make them go through rigorous trading. The game involves many of those activities which the managers have to perform. You can buy and sell players and can trade them for the other. Then after deciding on the selection, you will decide where to play them and have to be very thorough and competitive with your strategy. The simulation is very realistic in the sense that every decisions good or bad will have an impact on the result of the matches that your team will play. You can select a team from around 42 different nations and can play a match with any international team that you want. Similarly there are many modes of competition and every mode is excelling and tough. The graphics in the game are also good and so is the A1. Last but not the least, the text based interface is also well designed. Championship Manager 2006 is another sports simulation which can give you a good time on board.

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