Championship Manager: Season 01/02

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Best manager out there...seriously

When you come across a game like Championship manager 2001/2002 you have to stop and kneel down before it. I mean, the game was released 12 years ago, and there are still literally millions of people playing it around the world. Myself included. There is something stunning about this game, that makes you play on. For me, its the appeal of a realistic management system combined with a smart AI packed in a simple as can be game. When you start up, you pick a team from one of many leagues around the world, and you're off. From the moment you step in to the shoes of a Football manager you are responsible for every aspect of your club. Buying and selling players, staff, wages, funds, game tactics, training and bringing in fresh talent. It can be daunting at times, especially if you take on a big club like Arsenal (they were awesome in 2001.) or Barcelona. I strongly recommend starting with a lower league club, as it can be much easier to learn the game that way. The expectations of world class teams can be somewhat burdening at the beginning. If you want to add a bit of freshness into the game, there are many add-on's available that will allow you to start the game in 2009, 2010 or even 2012 (or buy never managers such as Football manager 2011 and onward). Fans around the world issue regular updates so all the players you know and love should be included. Replay value of the game is immense, you only have about 200 teams, 15 leagues (more or less) and there are national teams to manage as well. So get this game and play. Forget the new editions, this game is probably the single best football manager ever made.

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