Championship Manager 1995

Sport 1995 Dos Domark Soccer Team management

Detailed and thrilling soccer management

If you've exhausted all the possibilities offered by the plethora of mid-nineties football management simulators and are looking for another to test your soccer skills, then this is a pretty decent bet. It offers all the usual options and features, albeit without much in the way of visual flash but as long as you can handle this last fact and don't mind lots of stats, then you're in for a good time. The game really does a fantastic job of recreating the complexity and depth of managing a professional football team, with all the teams and players from the period included and vast amounts of numbers, stats and options to tweak and get absorbed by. It might come across as a little dry for some, with none of the complex and realistic graphics of more modern games but Championship Manager scores in the details, with a great deal of tactical flexibility and depth and with a superbly straightforward and intuitive interface that makes navigating and making decisions a breeze. If you're a soccer fan you'll get wrapped up in the sheer emotion and excitement of designing your dream team and taking them all the way to the championship and it is undeniably thrilling following your boys' fortunes through every match, revelling in every hard won victory and wallowing in the lows of defeat. Non-sports fans won't find much to interest them here and those looking for Sensible Soccer or Kick Off 2-style arcade thrills would be advised to look elsewhere but if you want a realistic simulator to sink your teeth into, this should be high on the list.

On the brink of modern football manager prowess

There are most certainly better soccer managers out there, even within the Championship Manager series, but, if you want to try your hand with the teams of the 1994/95 seasons, this can be a good way to do it. As with most managers of the era, don't expect anything other than a good though crude set of interaction options, offering you the chance to model your team from the very personal, pet talking direct influence on players, to the level of field tactics and soccer player trade. The game is pretty good looking, again, given the level of the era, with every control screen having a good layout that will be conducive towards simple and rapid management. You don't have to wonder where you can find a setting or other, as the nesting of the interface is build quite well and follows a very simple logic. Other than that, the game seems to simulate the championship very well and to take into account your changes, the most immediate however being the ones that affect each individual game played. While this is not the most modern game ever, it's nonetheless very playable and I recommend it to fans of the genre.

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