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On the head, mate!

If you want to check out a football management simulator and love Italian soccer, then this is the one for you. However, if you have played Championship Manager 1993/94, don't expect too much from this, as it basically a reskinned version that substitutes the English teams for their Italian counterparts, with gameplay that is idential, save for a few changes to account for the differences in rules between the two nations. The game itself is a football management sim, where you take control of the top dog at the team of your choice, and then are charged with taking your boys all the way to the top. You've got to make decisions on pretty much all the expected elements involved with running a team, from player choices, to training and tactics. The focus here is very much on the strategy side of things, so if you want more hands on action, try Sensible World of Soccer instead, but for hardcore fans who want to sink their teeth into stats and details, this makes for a fine choice. The gameplay remains as compelling as ever if you're into such things, and there's plenty to get your teeth into here, with lots of opportunities for strategic decision making. There's a genuine sense of tension and satisfaction as your team starts to come together and the whole experience is quite enthralling. The interface is simple enough to deal with and the presentation is solid, if a little lacking in modern bells and whistles. There's obviously little difference between this and the earlier versions, but for fans of the Italian leagues, this is a good choice.

Championship Manager Italia, The 93 Italian championships

Italy has always been a great country when it came to football. The international team, the Italian Blues, as well as the internal championship is a very good representation of what high stakes football actually feels like. The game is run under the same engine as the Championship Manager big brother. Therefore, you will have access to the same screens, to the same choices that include choices at the level of individual players as well as global settings. Of course, to be a good manager you will have to buy, sell, or transfer players, you will have to set your eyes on the little leagues and will have to take your best options into account each and every step of the way. Graphics wise the game doesn't look that bad. Behind the many statistics you will feast your eyes on relatively high quality backgrounds while the live games can be watched in a little text window. You can't really interact that much during the games but you still have some options that you can try out, including the strategic setting of your team, the players that you change and so on. If you long for the 93 Italian championship and the players of the time, this game will bring you back without issues.

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