Chessmaster 5000

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Another from the Chessmaster series

Another one in a long series of the Chessmaster, the 5000 game is one of the older ones in the list, developed and published in the distant 1996. It's not very different from the rest of the game in the series, it only sports a slightly better graphics interface and appearance, but not drastically so. It is still the same game that started the series in 1986, only better looking. The Chessmaster series is one of the most popular games in that franchise because it sports a lot of cool options like viewing the board from different perspective and an enviable artificial intelligence, with a inserted memory of all the moves of all the best chess players in the world. Try to beat that! The game can also be played in various difficulties, depending on your level of expertise. The graphics of the game are better and more advanced than that of its predecessors, but still has a long way to go before it gets perfect. Still, this chess game is a decent tribute to the long lasting series and well worth playing. Oh, and if you are interested in a more fun and dynamic way of playing chess, try this cool game called Combat Chess. You'll love it! :)

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