Chessmaster 2100

Simulation 1988 Dos Software Toolworks Board games Chess

Early version in the Chessmaster series, but still very good

With each subsequent installment in the series, Chessmaster brought forward a better, more subtle AI, that was capable of better and more diverse strategies and even later on, capable to simulate an entire set of personality traits for its virtual players. However, back in '88 Chessmaster 2100 wasn't the most versatile game of chess, but it was certainly graphically appealing, with very crisp boards and pieces as well as a few AI opponents to tackle. So, what Chessmaster 2100 manages best is to be perfectly playable but not too diverse, though, for the time, it was sure a great game. One aspect that can be a bit daunting is the lack of a history save feature, so you can analyze your matches afterwards, as well as the lack of a more full on tutorial. Although these features are included they're not refined enough to be sufficiently usable. I expect most players will give this a try for the trip back in time, or for the analysis of the state of the game in the period. What they will find will prove to be a very good game, with many of the modern amenities of later chess games, though in their prototypical form.

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