Virtual Chess

Simulation 1995 Windows Titus Board games Chess

Well rounded, well produced, fun chess game

Virtual Chess is Titus's foray into the old classic turn based game: you know what chess is, and if you don't you could very well use this game to teach yourself the basics and then have a mighty opponent to take it to the next level. Though, Virtual Chess is not built as a tutorial kind of game; nope, it is a well rounded, well produced, fully featured chess game: it offers you different difficulty levels, it offers you a few different chess tables so you never get bored of them, both 3D as well as 2D chess boards, as well as the kind of game that has a sturdy, though not the most imaginative or smart of AIs. At least, though, it's not a blundering AI, which is always nice, especially since games of the era were not the most satisfying in terms of AI play. My favorite setting is Virtual Chess on medium on a 2D classic table with just a few assists on, so I'm aware of potential dangerous moves before they take place. So, ultimately, Virtual Chess is a smart game, graphically very DOS like, but not without its character. Play it if you want a low resource game that won't bother you with cartoonishness or some other modern era so called features. Alternatively, Chess Master games can always be pitted against any other chess sim out there.

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