Chessmaster Challenge

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Classic chess game with a lot of features

For every chess lovers Chessmaster Challenge is a great entertainment. This classic game will keep you busy hours after hours. There are thousands of chess games available online but it has some great features that will make you play this game. With excellent graphics and great interior this game has some wonderfully designed 3D boards that will definitely attract you. Like Chess Player 2150 the sound of this game is excellent. Like the real ratings Chessmaster Challenge also has a similar rating system. So it tracks every record of your winning and losing. Also there is a visual cyber opponent which is very entertaining. There are some modes and levels in this game. For a novice the training mode helps to improve his/her chess skills as there are around 30 different players with different ratings. So you can play with any level of players. Well if you are a new chess player then you will learn hundred times better than a tutor from this game. It is not just a chess game, it's a great chess tutor. It is a 5 out of 5 rating chess game.

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