Simulation 1988 Dos C. A. Reedijk Board games Chess

Checkers for the Dutch

This is an oldschool simulation of the game of Checkers done in Dutch, and fairly playable. The game uses the EGA standard of graphics, with a very DOS looking interface and, as an extra, it displays the best scores on the right hand of the table. Not a lot more extras are included, so you better know the rules of the game beforehand. This was a game delivered on a shareware disk, also available in English, so you can play it without any issues. There are 3 levels of difficulty to play within, so, if you want a very simple, yet playable checkers game, this is it. It won't impress you too much, also, you have to input your commands through the keyboard (no mouse support) but other than it it simply works great. You might want to download Argo Checkers for a top notch version of the game, graphically and in terms of the additional content included, but if an oldschool vibe is what you're looking for, Dammen might do it for you just as well. But, as I said, both these titles play great, and offer a nice experience, one very retro, another one more well rounded.

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