Sargon III

Simulation 1983 Dos Hayden Software Board games Chess

Superb serious chess sim

Chess fans looking for a new challenge would be well advised to take this game for a spin, offering as it does a fine game of chess. While lacking in the graphical thrills that games like Battle Chess or Combat Chess offer, it more than makes up for it where it counts: in the quality of the opponent. It's all simple enough stuff on the surface, offering little more than a straightforward graphical interface with an overhead view of the board showing all the pieces in clear and uncluttered fashion. However, it's under the hood where the game shines, with a sophisticated AI system that ensures that even high level players will need to get their best game on if they are to succeed here. Sargon III was developed with professional gamers on board and it shows, despite the game's age, with a wide range of clever and cunning strategies just waiting to rip apart the unwary. However, newcomers to the game need not be put off entirely as there is a nice variety of options available which allow you to tweak things to suit your playing ability. Sargon III is certainly not the flashiest chess game on the market and those more interested in watching endless amounts of stylish death scenes laden with slick special effects would be better off investing in Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Chess Wars, but for anyone not interested in such shallow superficialities and more interested in a serious chess simulator, then Sargon III makes for a fine addition to your gaming library. Who knows, you might become the next chess world champion?

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