Chicago 1930

Action 2003 Windows Microids Gangster Historical Adventure Real time strategy Strategy Action adventure

Neat cops versus gangsters experience

Take a trip into the roaring 30s when gangsters ruled the streets and the likes of Elliot Ness and his Untouchables were the only ones brave enough to face up the crooks. While far from perfect, this is a neat little adventure that simulates what it might have been like back in the day from both sides of the law, as it gives players the chance to take on the role of the gangsters and the cops. Representing the criminals, we have Don Falcone, the mobster out to enforce his own brand of justice in the city, while lining his own pockets at the same time, while for the cops, we have Edward Nash, a stand-up guy who is just trying to do the right thing. If you take the role of Nash your aim is to free the city from the clutches of Falcone and must bust open smuggling rings and investigate murders, while if you choose to walk on the dark side, you're the one organising the murders and smuggling, while also kidnapping important people in your attempt to take over the city. For what is obviously a fairly low budget affair, this is reasonably entertaining stuff. Thanks to its great jazzy soundtrack and decent visuals, there is a great 1930s atmosphere here and which really sucks you into the gritty storyline. The variety of colourful characters aids this further and there are plenty of Godfather-style twists and turns and intrigue. It's an easy game to pick up but is spoilt somewhat by the dodgy interface which makes things more frustrating than they should be, while some of the more RPG-like elements are not as well integrated as they might be. However, despite these flaws, and a rather short running time, this remains an enjoyable little excursion into the past.

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