Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII

Action 2003 Windows Aspyr Media Historical Military FPS

Fine add-on to a great WWII action-fest

The Battlefield series of tactical first-person shooters should need no introduction to any serious gamer, especially with the recent high-profile release of Battlefield 4. The series has had its fair shares of issues but this add-on pack for one of its best entries, Battlefield 1942, is a worthwhile and enjoyable investment of your time. The original is a superb multi-player only battle-fest that sees players engaging in highly tactical and immensely enjoyable large-scale deathmatches across a variety of environments, with the usual classes and game types to enjoy. This add-on introduces several new elements to increase the game's appeal, including weapons, vehicles, factions and a new gameplay mode. The vehicles and weapons include the likes of experimental secret devices such as personal rocket packs, rocket propelled aircraft tanks, while the maps now allow players to run riot in a V2 research facility as well as Hitler's legendary Eagle's Nest. The new gameplay mode introduces an objective-based mission must defend or attack key elements of a given location and which requires some solid team-playing in order to emerge victorious. The extra factions are also fun to play, as they each have their own unique weapons and vehicles to choose from. If you're a fan of Battlefield 1942 then this offers more of the same, utilising as it does the same graphics engine and controls, but which extends the game's lifespan somewhat and which remains as exciting as ever. The new maps are perhaps the biggest draw and they are well designed and exciting to play on, so if you want some WWII-themed action, then this is a worthy add-on pack to try out.

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