Conflict: Desert Storm

Action 2002 Windows Buka Entertainment Historical Third Person Shooter Simulation Modern

A captivating team-based gameplay

Conflict: Desert Storm is a shooter game full of potential, whose action reproduces the events occurred in the early 1990s, such as the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. You have to command an elite squad of four army soldiers and to achieve objectives based on Desert Storm operations. Each soldier has his own strenghts and skills: rifleman, combat engineer, sniper and heavy weapons. After completing missions you will gain experience and the training will help you improve your abilities. The team gives you the support you need in difficult situations, and they don't do mistakes in most of the times. The graphics look pretty good, though this game is old. You will have to pay attention especially when the alarm goes off, because enemies will appear from many locations around you, from where you don't expect. I was excited by the variety of weapons, and I enjoyed that feeling when you try a new gun. The real frustration comes when you run out of munition and you have to request help from your comrades to complete your job. But still, I don't regret the fact that I spent my time playing this interesting game. The realistic details prove the dedication of the producers to create a war atmosphere in which you get easily involved (traces from walking, desert storms, booming sounds, etc). So, don't miss the chance to try this delightful game!

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