JFK Reloaded

Action 2004 Windows Traffic Management Historical

Get inside JFKs assassination, FPS style!

In JFK Reloaded you will be playing the role of the assassin that got JFK, and thus, you will be able to experience a historical page of the recent US period, and, well, maybe learn something more about it. Surely a controversial subject, the game treats it without weaving some apologetic story, nope, it just creates the scenarios and allows you to play within them. In a way I salute this option, after all, if that's what you want to relieve, you can do it. Most striking is the very accurate recreation of certain details of the epoque, from the car JFK and his wife were traveling in, to their looks, to the road and its surrounds and from there on other elements. In a way the game redeems itself by being highly focused on technical elements and visual acuity, but one of these technical elements has to do with the physical engine of the game, particularly with the projectile physics. The bullet you're firing is going to be affected by wind speed, by angle of firing, and its final destination has to be calculated very precisely, to account for the speed of the car, for the time it takes for the bullet to reach the target and so on. At any rate, you'll be able to spend some time fumbling around until you finalize your shot. When JFK is down, the game's over. The moral lesson? Well, that's for you to decide, as the game, as I said, doesn't care to impose some story or some moral on you. At any rate, if you like scope shooting, you might want to try Sniper Elite, a much more diverse game, which will take you back through the Berlin of 45 and around.

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