Chickens 2

Action 1998 Windows Dosbox Brainchild Design Shooter

The human race vs. the race of chickens!

Yes, it has come to this, the chickens, having had it with being exploited, are now waging war against humanity! Oh, and can they be aggressive! But, man, as he always has been, full of a deadly arsenal of weapons and of other means of attack, are by no means unable to counter attack. So, you, a human being caught in this fight in which man is outnumbered, has got to go for the chickens and kill as many as you can. To aid you in your chicken war, you have quite a few weapons at your disposal: you have shotguns, you have pistols, but you have to shoot and keep shooting. Yes, Chickens 2 is a shooting gallery mostly, and a pretty good one at that. Graphically we're talking late 90s with this game, so expect pretty high quality backgrounds, though the game is still 2D. Also, the animations and sounds are worth it, since they have this funny yet involving theme about them! Of course, this is more of a spoof, simple, not too long game! Like a Flappy Bird of its era that never made no one millions, as it is normal, this can be entertaining for a while, but when all is said and done, Chickens 2 will not be a game to return to. And if by any chance you aren't fully chicken massacre satiated, download Chicken Invaders as well, a game that subverts that classical arcader to invade you with unending waves of chickens!

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