Action 1997 Windows 7th Level Shooter Robots

Complex in many ways, but may seem difficult to most of you

G-Nome is a 1997 action simulation game set in a futuristic era. The Humans, the Darken, the Merc and the Scorp were leaving in peace. One of the races invented a very powerful weapon and you are put in charge to control a robot, in order to do a research concerning this development. Your robot is called HAWC (Heavy Assault Weapons Chassis), and one of the convenient possibilities is that you can leave it, to steal and control other vehicles. This feature is an advantage, since you can eject the robot especially if it has suffered significantly damage. The other vehicles you can drive are noticeable for their well-designed look and detailed aspect. The overall difficulty of this game may seem frustrating for most of you, but your efforts will be worth applying. Speaking of frustrations, you aren't able to save your progress in the middle of the action, or whenever you want to. G-nome can be played in both single-player (which challenges you to complete all the 20 complex missions, and to apply your tactics), and multiplayer mode. The first missions are specially made to test and improve your abilities, for the later more complicated objectives you have to solve. I mentioned above about the complexity that described the missions. Well, I said this because with every challenge and with each level, you will discover new things, and this is the most important thing which captures every player that loves action games. So, don't miss it!

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