Twisted Metal 2

Action 1996 Windows Sony Shooter Car and action

Extreme racer game, for people that want a thrill!

Twisted Metal 2 is not a serious racing game, in that it was never meant to be a hardcore simulation or anything of that kind; yet, it offered you a lot of options, and a fast, mean and just a tinge cartoonish racer. Now, the best part about it was that the cards were all had a great personality, a certain air of rad-ness, something that was edgy, that was really turbulent and fun! Along with this, the tracks also put a lot of destruction options at your side, yet this was not a Destruction Derby kind of game. Not at all, it was just a great produced, well oiled and fun racer, with good graphics, yet this was not where its greatness resided; nope, with Twisted Metal 2 you played for the beatnik feel and for the engaging, energizing atmosphere. So, today, you should yet again give it a try, it's a game that knows how to impress and how to satisfy you. It's also got lots of cars, tracks, great rad music and it will transport you in a hair metal ridden early 90s that is just bonkers, and truly satisfying.

So crazy and so good

If you're into really aggressive driving and are ready for a insane load of fun, this is the game for you! This is not, I repeat, IS NOT, a racing game. This isn't a cute game like Wacky Wheels. Oh, no. This is the craziest car battle game ever, with cars that are so insanely modified that the array of vehicles include a flame throwing car, the biggest monster truck I have ever seen, a two-wheeled contraption driven by Axel, who was imprisoned within the vehicle twenty years earlier and wants revenge on the man who put him there (I kid you not!), and that's not even the start of it. You choose your arena anywhere around the globe (there are eight of them), and go on a twisting, adrenaline shooting, acrobatic and killer drive with the only intention to kill the other car. This game is insanely exciting. The acrobatic twists and turn are phenomenal and all of this is shown by incredible graphics. There is a reason why exactly this game is the most popular in the Twisted Metal series - it's the most crazy, most fun and most exciting car game I have ever seen.

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