Eat This

Action 1998 Windows Mind multimedia Shooter Platformer

2D sidescroller platformer, with great graphics

In Eat This your main activity will be that of walking your player character left to right, through urban landscapes that are bleak, dirty and have that kind of Terminator vibe about them. At times close quarters brawler, other times a game that allows you to use weapons, I'd say Eat This is a bit on the linear side, both in the way the levels are designed, mainly with very few elevations or platformer type puzzles. Not that they are absent, but just that you rarely get to experience them as much, to sort of allow that type of play to remain with you, in your memory. But, the graphics kind of make up for the lack of gameplay variety. Yes, there are some graphical elements that keep repeating, but it never gets aggravating, because, they are used sparingly. I'd say, a similar game with this one is Terminator 2, but, without a question, Eat This is a more graphically satisfying experience, though a mellower, a more restrained game. Both, though, are appealing and pack a great lot of good missions.

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