School Tycoon

Simulation 2004 Windows Global Star Software Tycoon style City simulation

You there! Stop running in the hall! Detention!

If the classic school simulator Skool Daze (or its remake Klass of 99) bring you fond memories, then this unusual addition to the world building genre might just be of interest to you. It's a neat twist on the formula laid down by SimCity and RollerCoaster Tycoon, and as you might expect, allows you to take control of your very own school. You're basically placed in charge of the whole thing, and it's your job to take care of every aspect imaginable. You'll have to hire teachers and keep them happy, while also worrying about things like the canteen, the upkeep of the various buildings and of course, the students. There are several different types of student, ranging from jocks to nerds and cheerleaders, each of which can cause their own kind of problems, thanks to their personalities. There are two main modes you can try out, the scenario one where you have to complete certain challenges, and the sandbox where you're free just to experiment with your school and design it the way you want. School Tycoon doesn't offer anything radically new to the genre, and it's easy to dismiss it as just another clone which popped up in the wake of other games' success. It's not the most complex of titles either, but what it does get right is the sense of fun to go along with the strategy. It's not overly serious like other games, but doesn't stint on the requirement for planning and thinking. There's a fair bit of micromanagement, but it's not overly tedious and instead the game focuses on the entertainment factor, so if you never though running a school could be fun, this might just change your mind.

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