Simulation 1999 Windows Glamus Tycoon style City simulation Building

A successful and well-done game in all aspects

Mobility is a 1999 simulation game that puts you in charge to take care of your citizens! You will have a lot of fun while making sure they arrive safely at work and in various locations in the city. Avoid the overpollution, the bad course of the traffic jam and the low quality of the transportation and of the general life! For the fans of this genre, Sim City 2000 will be declared the most suitable comparison. The buildings design is pleasant enough to determine you to construct a lovely city from the architectural point of view. The graphics are laudable, and this aspect will mostly make you stick to this game for a long time, even after you finish it. There are two game modes: Normal and Master Mode, where you are allowed to develop the city even if it went into debt or a poor state monopolized it. Also, there are added some scenarios that will give you the chance to solve problems or certain issues in the city. I was surprise to find out that I could use and invest the money from the townhall, in order to search for various ways to improve the urban situation. Anyway, this game focuses mainly of solving the most common issue of human settlements: the traffic. Play Mobility, a successful and well-done game in all aspects!

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