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Stay away from this sorry circus

While the idea of a circus-themed game for kids might sound like a great idea, unfortunately this one must be added to the pile of dire such titles that also includes the likes of Circus Attractions. Even considering the target audience, this is pretty poor stuff which is almost entirely lacking in entertainment and which instead treats its players as fools. The game is presented as a set of mini-games, all of which can be chosen at will from the outset and each of which is themed around the expected and traditional circus activities that used to be so popular. There's a fairly extensive list of activities to choose from, with such delights as the trapeze act, which requires timing to prevent the artists from falling; a sort of elephant dance played out as a rhythm game; a lion on a seesaw; and a magic act. You also have a few other activities thrown in for good measure, which are not strictly games as such but more dressing to the main event. These include dressing up the animals for a parade, messing around with musical instruments and of course, the dreaded clowns. Even for little ones, this is pretty insulting stuff. The games on offer here are ridiculously simplistic and are likely to turn off even the greenest video game playing kid. Things aren't helped by the poor controls, which are unresponsive and awkward, although the visuals do at least perk things up a bit, thanks to their bright, vibrant use of colour which at least lends the game some kind of personality. However, about the only good point here is the inclusion of a helpful mouse who offers sage advice when needed, but that really isn't enough to recommend this sorry mess.

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