Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters

Puzzle 1993 Dos The Learning Company Education Preschool

An edutainment title that is diverse and fun

In Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters your preschoolers will get a chance to sink into a number of 6 activities: you have a musical themed minigame, a kitchen themed game, where you'll get to mess with ingredients to make recipes, another one that is about matching colors and patterns and also, one other, called Picture Parlor that is all about letter work. Finally, the last minigame is dedicated to grandpas all over and is called Grandpa's Workshop. In it you get to play with shapes, forms, but all belonging in a there. So, all things considered, this is a very fulfilling game, very well produced, all interesting in terms of its puzzles and also, as you'd expect, full of well put together bits and pieces. The graphics may be a little dusty in this day and age, but if you'll play the game minimized in DosBox that should not be such a problem. Therefore, the graphics might be the weak point in this one, but the educational value, for small children is definitely there. So try it, it is worth it. And additionally download one of the Super Solvers titles, really well done titles these were too, if not that well executed graphically.

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