Mario Time Machine

Puzzle 1993 Dos Software Toolworks Education Humorous

Learn about history with Mario

Much like what Disney did with Mickey's Surprise Party, the guys from Mario decided to make an educational game featuring the king of arcade, the famous plumber Mario. The intention of this game is to learn kids about history. The game even includes a lot of action and arcade mini games that are sure to remind kids what is Mario really about. To solve the game, you have to various eras in history and retrieve items that are scattered there, after which you have to put them in their corresponding era. Only when you've collected and placed all items, you get to face Mario's archenemy, Bowser. I have to admit that the game is higher in action and arcade that it is in history lessons, but still, seing Mario going to the prehistoric era and pterodactyls is pretty neat. The game is pretty fun for kids, but grown ups might find the game a bit slacking and boring. No matter, since they are not the desired age group. If you want your kid to learn a few things through fun with Mario, try to give him/her this game. (S)he might actually enjoy it.

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