Circus Attractions

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Golden Goblins Third Person

4 minigames of circus origin and of fair production value

Here's what you get in this 16 bit looking, kinda like Sega Genesis looking and feeling product: knife throwing, as in a minigame where you need to push a button just at the right moment to affix your dagger onto the plank of wood, clown jumping, as in a minigame of clown gymnastics (!) that is all about, again, coordinating your keyboard impulses, a game of juggling, which, as one would expect is all about coordination and managing your timing, trampoline, a minigame where you have to use your momentum to reach higher heights and execute mid air tricks (combo of keystrokes and timing based) and tightrope walking which is all about keeping a dot on a line centered, which takes fast response when you managing your walking about, also takes some good eye hand coordination and also, a good deal of focus and attention. All the games are presented in 16 bit glorious Sega like colors and sprites and are well above average. Try it if you like Circus themed minigame challenges, its well within the playable range.

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