Civilization 3

Strategy 2001 Windows Infogrames Empire management Alternate History Turn based

A perfected Civ game, immersive and very addictive

The Civilization series is the epitome of turn based strategy. It managed the perfect level of complexity, a very interesting balance in the way many of its elements are mathematically built as well as different win conditions that are all valid play through wise. Do you want to get ahead of your competing nations by way of technological development? You can do it? Do you want to get ahead by armed conflict? You can do it, but make sure you use some of the diplomacy options as well, if you don't want an alliance to be forged against you. Even more, with Civ 3, a good deal more emphasis is put on the exploitation of re-generable resources. You want to be careful when you're fiddling with certain exploitative manners, as you could withstand a climatic issue later on. However, no element is overbearing, nothing feels out of balance in the general picture, and thus, each play through can offer you a variety of options in the way to can and want to tackle it. Maybe your area is not that great in terms of certain resources, no problem, you can vary your management and strategy to make the most of what you have. So, definitely, Civ 3 is one of the better Civ games, absolutely playable today, more so then its elder brethren, with crisp graphics, simpler design and a variety of scenarios to play along with open ended games.

The third Civilization game

After several years of the first and second episodes of Civilization saga, in 2004 Firaxis bought the right to develop a new game based on the concept introduced in 1991. Civilization 3 add some interesting new features like diplomacy and culture influence that will add a bit more complexity to the game. Be careful before declaring war to one of your enemies, your reputation will count along the year. An be careful to build an empire based on a good mix of culture, war and new technologies. As always, also this episode will give you the possibility to build your own civilization putting your name between the great conquerors of all the time.

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