Civilization for Windows

Strategy 1993 Windows Microprose Empire management Turn based

Shows the signs of greatness from the very beginning!

The first Civ is definitely a game worth a go. It packs in the entire list of elements that will soon lead to the creation of a genre of its own. The game is the very first TBS in the series. The economic, political, armed conflict or other types of win situations are all there, all waiting for you to choose a path. Generals and other advice givers will offer you certain pluses, and depending on the way you choose them, your gameplay style can vary tremendously. In free play, the luck of the dice will decide how much raw resources you get, and that initial draw of the straw can dictate how your civilization will play out. It is however rather refreshing to play a game that does not want to be perfectly balanced, and which doesn't sport the same identical powers in a battle with each other. So, if you have already fallen in love with later iteration in the Civ series, the very first one will offer you as much as you want, a great overall experience and a great turn based strategy blend. Sure, it might not be as great or as polished as later iterations, but it is by no means bad, so do give it a try, it is sure worth it.

Windows version Civ

I have been playing lately to Civ 5 and Civ 4 a lot and I was curios how the series started so I searched high and low, until I found the very first Civilization game: you have to choose your difficulty level, the number of total players, the civilization you want to play as and choosing the name of your leader. Fortunately, there are in-game tutorials that will you out during gameplay because it is not a simple game. Basically, you started building your capital, starting some troops, explore the unknown, expand your empire and so on. I really love the animations of when founding a new city. It's neat to see how the city is founded then, when you meet new tribes (or civilizations) they offer you a change of knowledge, a change to live in peace etc. There is no story or campaign in the game, it's more or like a skirmish game, but a very long one, which is kind of fun.

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