Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Strategy 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Alternate History Turn based Science Fiction

Great turn base strategy game

It is a sci-fi turned based strategy game with the tag of Sid Meir which is enough to give you an idea about how good this game is. There is no such thing as realism in the game but still the sci-fi elements are so creative and diverse that they really excite one to play it all day long. To give you a short view of the plot, it's the first step of mankind on a new and strange colonization where you will explore some good sci-fi articles like particle weapons and the ability to control the mind. The user interface for a strategy game carries a lot of importance and this one has a great UI which gives you a great gameplay. An editor has also been incorporated in the game through which you can design your own scenarios, your own units and can even devise your own maps. The game features both flexibility and fun catches in on some really creative ideas. The graphics are very good because of the color combination and the good narrations throughout the game. The controls are also swift and the game has the feature of multiplayer options. The game is even better than the hit Civilization game.

Sci-Fi Civilization

Seeing the name Sid Meier in front of a game is a good indicator of what type of game experience you're in store for. Players are most likely familiar with the name being attached to the Civilization series of games. Civilization I, II, III, IV, and V all deal with historical cultures and take a stab at realism. It's almost an educational game in a sense. Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri throws realism out the window. It retains the turn based "Civilization" style gameplay and replaces the setting with a futuristic sci-fi universe with mankind's first footsteps on a new world for colonization. Instead of discovering wonderful things like fire, the wheel, trade, or gunpowder, the game is a "what's what" for science fiction ideas like hovercraft, particle weapons, mind control, and many more. For some reason, Civilization never quite clicked with me, but Alpha Centauri, I still can't get enough. One good game will last about seven hours. It's a great game to spend a rainy day with. I wish the company would continue this franchise, or just skip ahead a few centuries for the next Civilization game.

Classic TBS from Sid Meier's creation!

As it happens in most of Sid Meier's games, you'll have the ability to create your own maps and scenarios, even to tool the map to your liking during a game, and making your own units. Alpha Centauri game may be old, but no Civilization game, or other turn-based game can ever compete with the fun and flexibility of this game.

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